Rush AIO
Why join the Rush?What makes RushAIO stand out?The fastest and most versatile bot around. Rush is redefining what it means to be an AIO bot.
Cross PlatformRushAIO is created for nearly all macOS & Windows machines to seamlessly use without any barriers.
Run thousands of tasksRush delivers a powerful botting experience from home.
Full-time developerRushAIO is developed by an ex-Silicon Valley professional with 10 years of offensive and defensive botting experience.
Powerful FeaturesDon’t know why to Rush? Here’s why.
Automatic cookie generationWith Rush, you'll never manually generate cookies.1
Link & Keyword supportNo early link? No problem. Use keywords and Rush will do the rest.2
Lightning speedWatch hundreds of checkouts fly in without spinning up your MacBook's fan.3
Dedicated Support TeamWe offer 24/7 support via email and Discord.4
reCAPTCHA support.Effortlessly pass captcha splash pages.5
Discord webhookView all of your success with custom Discord webhooks.6
Some of the top retailers RushAIO currently supportsRush with us, no matter the site.
Frequently Asked QuestionsHave some questions? Find answers in our FAQ.
How much does Rush cost?The retail price is $100/month or $1000/year, both including constant updates.1
What operating systems are supported?RushAIO currently supports Windows & macOS.2
Does Rush offer groupbuys?We currently do not offer any groupbuys. All license keys are sold through public launches unless stated otherwise.3
What countries does Rush support?RushAIO currently only supports USA.4
How do I receive support?All RushAIO subscribers will receive access to our private Discord where our dedicated staff team offer support 24/7.5
Can I sell my Rush license?Yes. RushAIO is not responsible for any third-party sales of our software that may occur.6
When will Rush restock?Stay tuned for updates.
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